Chess Academy 7 contains a unique middlegame book, compiled from about 14,000,000 middlegame and endgame positions.

It is well known that computer programs play significantly worse, especially in the middle game. The Chess Academy Middlegame Book offers for the first time a real chance to remedy this shortcoming. It contains a huge number of typical middlegame and endgame positions that the engine should or should not play. You will notice that the engine plays much more humanly if you have this book enabled.

Due to the double indexing of the opening positions and the resulting extremely high search speed in large files, the Master Book does not need to be further subdivided into smaller books, as some other chess programs do. The selection of the best moves is done according to the included statistical information or the manual ratings. The Gambit Book on the other hand is recommended only for gambit training.

A middlegame book is a collection of chess knowledge about the middlegame, which allows to significantly increase the engine’s playing strength.

To enable the engine to use this middlegame book, check the “Use Chess Academy middlegame book” option in the “Engine settings” / “Books” tab.

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