The Chess Academy program offers you two extremely useful training functions, specially designed for intensive chess training with Chess Academy.

  • Find move
  • Restore position

The “Find move” function is designed for those players who want to find for themselves the moves played, for example, by Kasparov, Karpov, Fischer or other chess players.

If you want to find moves from a game yourself, select Training Mode from the Game menu and click on Find Move! there or click on the icon image109

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+1.

chessacademy zug finden1

All pieces on the chess board are displayed. However, only the moves played so far are displayed. Now you have to find the moves played in the game yourself. You can preset how many attempts you want to make per move under “Total attempts”. While you make moves, the program displays statistics that inform you about the successes achieved (how many moves were found in relation to the ones played).

Also try to find only white or black moves once. To do this, click one of the White or Black buttons, or keep the default selection (All Moves) to find all the moves that have been played.

chessacademy zug finden2

This function is designed for players who want to train their position memory and ability to play blind. With this setting, the pieces are not displayed. You must now try to restore the current position. You can set how many attempts you are allowed to recover the position in the Total attempts field. Then select a piece from the palette below the chessboard and place it somewhere on the chessboard. This process is the same as in the Find Position dialog.

chessacademy stellung wiederherstellen2

If you want to train your position memory, select Training Mode > Restore Position! from the Game menu or click the icon image110.

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+2.

chessacademy stellung wiederherstellen1

Click the icon image111 to get a hint where to place the currently selected piece.

Click on the icon image112 to remove all the pieces from the chessboard.

Press the icon image113 to make the game text disappear or reappear.

If you think you have placed the position correctly, click on the icon image114.