Software-Expert Robert Pawlak from USA writes:

I looked at the complete Chess Academy 2000 system, containing all the tutorial modules (23 of them). Various configurations of the program are available, the principal difference among them is the number and types of tutorial modules that are included.

This new version represents a significant upgrade from the previous one. With this latest release, Chess Academy wants to be your one program that can be used for any chess task you might have – i.e. play a game, conduct database analysis, or do some training with the many training modules.


Winboard-Expert Frank Quisinsky from Trier writes:

Chess Academy can amaze… The database with appr. 1.600.000 games, I have searched long time for doubles or misspelled names and such games were absent. I was amazed also concerning of the speed of searches. For example, on my AMD K6-3 450 MHz it takes only a few seconds to search by different criteria. The Chess Academy offers excellent 3D-board graphics. On my opinion, tutorial and training modules are simply a unique part of the program, I do not know any other program that has such quality and contents of tutorials as Chess Academy does.