In a comparison of board games for the PC (ComputerBild magazine 18/2002), our chess program Goliath Blitz (MSRP 35.00 EUR) was tested among others and rated as a clever computer opponent that shows its strengths especially in blitz games. Functional tests installation, sound and picture were passed. Functional testing with Windows XP ran smoothly.

The two chess programs (ours and a well-known competitor program) were the only candidates in the test that also supported a 1024 by 768 pixel display with 16.7 million possible colors without judder.

Under the motto “Let’s go: Show the computer what a chess master is”, the reviewer praised the program for its playful blitz chess and very extensive database with over 1.7 million games.

This program has become famous among other things because the chess engine Goliath Blitz won the 2001 World Blitz Chess Championship in Maastricht and was Vice World Champion at the 2002 World Blitz Chess Championship.