The renowned magazine “Computer Schach- und Spiele” (issue 4, August-September 2003) reports in detail about the Chess Academy program. Also in this issue, you will find a test report with the program comparison: who plays chess better?

Hundreds of programs (including practically all the top programs that are commercially available) have been extensively tested (WM2002 test). In the “endgame” section, our program Chess Academy Office (incl. middlegame book) shares 1st place with another well-known chess program. It is no longer a secret that Chess Academy really has mega-knowledge, which is especially important for analysis purposes.

Our thanks go to Mr. Manfred Meiler for his huge work in testing!


In his test report (published in ChessBits magazine issues 11/2001 u. 12/2001) an experienced computer chess expert Martin Schubert discussed the Chess Academy Office program in detail and rated it accordingly.

He writes: “One of the decisive strengths of Chess Academy is a tremendous variety, especially of learning modules and engines”. A program as versatile as Chess Academy offers the user an excellent help system, implements many good ideas and also shows very stable running behavior. Also in the database area Chess Academy has many advantages over the established competition, especially in terms of search speed as well as excellent search capabilities. Our service was also described as “exemplary”.

Chess Academy 6.0 Office as the winner of the speed test!

These two issues of ChessBits chess magazine contain a great test report by Martin Schubert. The three most popular chess databases – among others Chess Academy 6 Office – have now been tested in a speed test.

Conclusion: “Chess Academy 6 Office is the clear winner, outstanding in all search operations, as well as in sorting games”.

Martin Schubert writes: “On the one hand, the result did not surprise me, since I knew that Chess Academy is fast. But that it can work out such a clear lead overall, I would not have thought then”.

And finally comes the overall rating by school grades: 1.50 for Chess Academy 6.0 Office, other chess programs are rated 2.25 and 3.01.”

“Very universal program, of particular in chess engine and tutorials”.

As advantages: “Excellent search options and speed in searching, excellent help system, good service, huge database, many interesting ideas, very stable program, support of MCS engines”.

(Source: Test report by Martin Schubert in ChessBits magazine, issue 11/2001).

Our thanks go to Mr. Martin Schubert for his great work in testing the databases! Check it out yourself…


Test reports about the Chess Academy 6.0 Office program were published in Schach Markt Magazin (issues 2/2001 and 3/2001).

In the great Chess Market review, our Chess Academy 6.0 Office program was called the “all-in-one” learning and training program.

“The latest Chess Academy 6.0 shines with a variety of useful enhancements and detail improvements that can greatly improve the overall chess training experience with the PC. In short, the new Chess Academy 6.0 offers practically everything the active and ambitious club and tournament player needs… The entire program interface is clear and intuitive to use… The manufacturer offers the registered user unlimited and fast support by phone, fax, or via the Internet… In view of the enormous product quality and the discussed scope of delivery, the Chess Academy 6.0 program can be attested to an excellent price-performance ratio. Particularly attractive is the Professional Package, which comes with more than 15,000 selected and extensively annotated learning examples. The Exclusive package offers the ideal supplement for one’s own endgame training since more than 10,000 annotated and classified endgames are additionally supplied here (in comparison with the Professional package).”

(Source: Schach Markt Magazin, issue 3/2001).

Our thanks go to Mr. Werner Rätz!


Chess Academy 6.0 OFFICE has been tested extensively in Rochade Europa magazine (see test report “Chess Academy 6.0 Das universelle Schachsystem”, issue no.3 March 2001, author: Wolfgang Battig)

“Conclusion: With prices between 199,- and 499,- DM one can certify the Chess Academy 6.0 as an excellent price-performance ratio. Besides the excellent database functions and the successful integration of game and analysis engines … especially the training program stands out… All in all, I think that the Chess Academy in the latest version comes quite close to the ideal conception of a universal chess system.”

Our thanks go to Mr. Wolfgang Battig!


Chess expert Frank Quisinsky from Trier has published a test report (on behalf of the company Gambit-Soft) about the Chess Academy 6.0 program.

As a test result, the Chess Academy 6.0 program was attested with a very good price-performance ratio!

Our thanks go to Mr. Frank Quisinsky!


You can also find Karsten Bauermeister’s review of Chess Academy 6 in the magazine Computer Schach und Spiele (June 2001 issue). We hope you enjoy reading it!

Our thanks go to Mr. Karsten Bauermeister!


Testimonials from the review of Chess Academy 6.0 Office:

Chess expert Wolfgang Battig in Rochade Europa Magazine 3/2001: “excellent” value for money,
Publisher Werner Rätz in Schach Markt Magazine 3/2001: price-performance ratio “excellent”,
Chess expert Frank Quisinsky in Gambitsoft Software Catalogue 12/2000: “very good” value for money.