Here you will find several customer opinions, feedback from chess experts and reviews about Chess Academy chess software and books.

With all my heart I wish numerous chess players to plunge themselves into the fascinating mysteries of the computer wonderland Chess Academy! This original software is instrumental in training advanced players. According to expert opinion, these programs should arouse significant interest on the software market among numerous chess enthusiasts.

This project is highly professional. It may be interesting for beginners as well as for tournament players. The unique chess training tool!

The Chess Academy software contains the most valuable and complete information for top-class chessplayers as well as special training courses for players of various skills. Such a perfect combination makes the Chess Academy Database and Tutorial program an indispensable and very helpful tool for tournament players and chess fans.

Careful study of these examples will provide readers (users) with solid theoretical knowledge which may be of great value in their own practice.

My first impressions are in any case very good. As active chess player (up to 1998, ELO 2275) I think that the Chess Academy is already better than some other programs offers huge number of program features, searches (by own games) in 1.600.000 database are extremelly fast, so I was simply wundered. Phantastic!

Great! Lively! User-friendly and full of information. An indispensable tool in any chessplayer’s work!

There is simply no other tutorial program that gives you as much for your money as Chess Academy does …

The search functions in the included database with an impressive size of 1.7 million games appear to be of excellent quality. This affects both the search speed and the quality of the search results. The included Winboard engines are easy to activate and absolutely sufficient for tactical background analysis. The other reports show that the tutorial modules are also said to be very good. We can therefore recommend the Chess Academy for all those who primarily want to work with the supplied database and the tutorial modules.

Fantastic technical support from Chess Academy Software!

I visited the Chess Academy web site today and am impressed by what I saw… Keep up the good work!

Your search funktions goes very well.

I have been working with Chess Academy so far. It’s good!

It is easy to learn and use. … I also think that you offer good value for the money – I intend to point this out in the review.

… all 21 pieces sets of Chess Academy are beautiful.

Thank you for your trust and let us hope that your great program will find its deserved audience and market. I can use the vital parts of the program now: the database with its phenomenal search features (! the best around, I think), the tutorials (!) and play chess against the program… The program is wonderful!

The tutorial program – here the Middlegame – is absolutely top! I don’t know of any learning program that even comes close. Database program: The search functions for games or players are very good. The engine is also very good. The help function is very good and extensive.

I took a quick look at the program and found everything very clear.

Now we have a new release of Chess Academy, which brings various improvements respect to the previous edition, especially in the database capability and the interface.

“A promising first title … Isolated Pawn positions are very common, and can arise from many openings … A total of 201 early and late middlegame positions from master play are discussed, categorised by various themes … in general production quality is good, and the examples interesting”.

I’ve installed the test version (meant: the complete version of Chess Academy 2000), and though I have not tried it all, I must say that it looks good!!

I have to say, the program is great and such fast technical support can only be pleasing. I will not only put a link to the Chess Academy page, but also highlight the program and my positive experiences with it.

Your Chess Academy program really helps to improve your playing strength. Thanks!

I want to send my congratulations for the great job you and your team achieved. I installed the demo version of the Chess Academy 2000. It is a great piece of work.

It is with great pleasure that I confim receipt of Chess Academy 2000. I thank you very much for it and also for your kind reassurance. I am very happy and pleased with the program and enjoy every moment using it.

Thank you for an excellent product. I am looking forward to using it.