Test report in CSS (Computer Chess & Games) magazine

In a test report (Computer Schach & Spiele Magazin, 4/03) the Chess Academy Encyclopedia of the Middle Game course offer was discussed in detail and evaluated factually. The reporter writes: “The scope and variety of topics are immense when it comes to learning and training”. Excerpt from the conclusion: Chess Academy is convincing as a comprehensive learning package for the ambitious chess player, with a wide range of content.

Various database functions satisfy even the highest demands. If you didn’t know it already, you can only marvel at the variety of possibilities. The huge party database tops the barrel so that in the end one can once again attest to an excellent price-performance ratio”. Price-performance ratio: very good (also rated as excellent). Overall result: good – very good.


Test report at c`t (Computer und Technik) magazine

The renowned magazine c’t (Computer and Technics) (issue 20/03, page 72) reports about the chess program Chess Academy Encyclopedia of Middlegame. Lars Bremer writes: “If you want to improve your chess, you can buy textbooks. Or the Encyclopedia of the Middlegame, which besides a large database also contains many exercises. … The encyclopedia addresses itself … to serious chess players who, for example, want to do opening preparation or delve deeper into the secrets of the middlegame…”.


Feedback from customers and distributors

We have also received several feedback from customers and dealers. Here are just a few:

“The tutorial program – here the middlegame – is absolutely top! I don’t know of any tutorial program that even comes close. Database program: The search functions for games or players are very good. The engine is also very good. The help function is very good and extensive.” Karl-Otto Jung, chess publisher (Neu-Jung Verlag).

“I had a brief look at the program beforehand and found everything very nicely laid out.” Arno Nickel, chess publisher (Edition Marco).