Chess Academy plays games and analyzes game fragments (any position from games, studies, learning examples, and tests), supports more than 100 game programs (engines), autoplayer, Nalimov tablebases, and Thompson’s endgame databases; creates, edits, and merges its own opening books.

Chess Academy offers numerous program settings: Start a new game or calculation process in the current position, analyze a test file in EPD, PGN format, auto-analysis, move suggestion, opening repertoire, choice of opponent, various game modes, time controls, playing strength adjustment and much more.

Chess Academy includes opening, as well as middlegame and endgame books for chess engines, which allow to significantly increase the engine’s playing strength in many areas.

A chess expert Mr. Manfred Meiler has sent us his results of the analysis engine of Chess Academy 7 (with and without the Chess Academy middle game book) in the WM test. His Excel tables for the WM test with 308 tested engines are available for free download on the CSS website

These Excel tables also include the results of Chess Academy 7 (rating 2653, middlegame book active).

Note: In the 26 endgame problems of the World Championship test the analysis engine of Chess Academy 7 OfficeDeluxe with the active middlegame book is clearly in front and occupies first place with an estimated rating 2761.

It is no longer a secret that Chess Academy 7 has a mega knowledge, which is especially important for analysis purposes.

Our thanks go to Mr. Manfred Meiler for his huge work in testing!