Chess Academy eBook+ “Encyclopedia of Rook Endings” runs on a standard PC with the operating system Windows® 10 / 11 and Windows® Vista 32bit/XP/2000/NT4/9x/Me.

Installation of the program, program interface, menu, and help in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish.

Chess Academy eBook+ “Encyclopedia of Rook Endings” contains a full version of the successful and powerful Chess Academy program (ver. 5.5) and 2 tutorial and training modules “Encyclopedia of Rook Endings”.

Tutorial and training examples with annotations are classified by themes/sub-themes and each annotated variation includes appropriate positional evaluations explaining typical plans and maneuvers.

The chess program offers practically all the functions of modern chess software – whether professional databases, interactive learning and training programs, or powerful playing programs.

The Chess Academy playing program comes with huge engine books: Chess Academy opening book “ChampionBook” with approx. 8.5 million positions and “Gambit Book” with approx. 2.2 million positions. Chess Academy middlegame book includes approx. 8 million estimated key positions from the middlegame and endgame.

Included is a professional database with 1,590,744 games without duplicates on its own (compact and extremely fast!) Chess Academy format.

  • The program supports data in PGN and ChessBase (CBF) format and also allows conversion to PGN, RTF, HTML, and EPD
  • The Chess Academy game editor allows all chess games to be annotated (text comments as well as graphical comments)
  • Sophisticated printing options for chess notation/symbols/diagrams
  • Powerful Chess Academy playing program, the program even offers WinBoard support and auto-player support

Clear, robust, and intuitive program interface, easy to handle.

The program provides a variety of very useful exploratory hint tools available to use at any time that you choose. The program monitors your actions and allows convenient navigation through chess windows, game lists, etc. Chess Academy gives you also the opportunity to use your preferred method for operating the graphic interface: with a mouse or with a keyboard. You can also set up the on-screen colors, chessboard size, program language, chess pieces set, and so on. The game editor allows you to comment on all chess games (text comments as well as graphic comments).

Chess Academy offers excellent 2D and 3D boards and piece sets, the size of the board, as well as colors, which can be easily changed, piece animation, special chess symbols, special windows for analyzing purposes and displaying variants, ToolBars icons, and their groups can be easily handled and much more – enjoy at the same time by using Chess Academy® program!

Chess Academy provides a complete interactive system for enjoying, playing, and studying chess! Chess Academy enables any chess player to rapidly improve his chess skills in an efficient and effective manner. Chess Academy users learn chess and organize their training lessons through active participation and discovery with carefully selected and fully annotated Tutorial & Training Examples, authored by top-class players and experienced coaches.

  • CD-ROM or DVD. Packaging: installation instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish languages, customer card.
chessacademy enzyklopaedie turmendspiele

Brief description of the “Encyclopaedia of Rook Endings” tutorial and training modules supplied:

The two tutorial and training modules “Encyclopedia of Rook Endings”are dedicated to one of the most important problems in a chess game – the rook endings.

The encyclopedia modules consist of 2,166 (!) examples. Some that are well-known, some that have been forgotten, and some that have been rewritten by practice. All the examples show basic principles and rules, but these are made much clearer by games played in practice. Although there is little else on this scale, this computerized project offers very easy access for the user, as the original endgame key of the encyclopedia provides a simple and logical way to do so.

The authors (for example the world champions G. Kasparov, A. Karpov, B. Spasski, R. Fischer, T. Petrosian, M. Botwinnik, as well as well-known super grandmasters such as J. Awerbach, W. Kortschnoi, R. Hübner, W. Hort, A. Miles, A. Adorjan, J. Nunn, the computer program BELLE by Ken Thompson, KDKT by Hans Zellner and many others) are treated as typical rook endgames that can arise from various middlegame positions.

The reference work for every chess player – for beginners, teachers, tournament players and stronger ones – even IMs and GMs will find these examples very interesting! A real gift for anyone who wants to delve into the deepest secrets of chess, where they occur in their purest form – in the endgame.

All the material is based on the first edition of the book (publisher – Chess Informant) (c) 1982-89 with much additional material from Chess Informator Nos. 1-61. All modules for the Chess Academy learning program are produced by Intelinvest Co Ltd.

  • Chess Academy database program, tutorial and training program, playing program and chess engine (Chess Academy ver.5.5, full version)
  • Chess Academy database with 1.590.744 chess games without duplicates in exceptionally high quality
  • 2 tutorial and training modules Encyclopedia Rook Endings
  • Chess Academy chess engine for playing or analyzing purposes
  • Chess Academy opening books for Chess Engine: “ChampionBook” with about 8.5 mio. positions and GambitBook with about 2.2 mio. positions
  • Chess Academy middlegame book for chess engine with about 8 million positions
  • plays and analyzes games or game fragments from the chess database
  • plays and analyzes tutorial and training examples, studies, test positions
  • creates, edits and merges opening books for Chess Academy chess engine
  • plays videos (supports AVI, WAV files)
  • opens up to 24 games at the same time, edits game header, extended game information
  • provides player and opening statistics in the chess database with all available information
  • shows variants, key squares, important motifs and plans for any position
  • saves games in the chess database with all variants, text and video/audio comments
  • saves variants of the included analysis engine in the game (auto analysis mode)
  • supports other programs (chess engines), supports Thompson’s endgame databases
  • quickly searches for game header, material, exact position, position outlines and maneuvers
  • quickly sorts all games in the chess database by players, source, time period, ECO, moves
  • allows you to create your own opening key positions and middlegame keys in the chess database
  • merges up to 16 chess databases simultaneously
  • creates and manages huge chess databases with up to 16 million games
  • creates datasets of up to 1,048,480 games from the database according to any selected criteria
  • chess datasets can be merged, intersected, subtracted, or saved as a new database
  • prints out games and tutorial examples with diagrams and comments
  • prints out opening and middlegame keys with diagrams in the chess database
  • prints opening overviews with chess tree-shaped diagrams and much more