Chess Academy offers a complete interactive system to enjoy, play and learn chess! Chess Academy allows any chess player to quickly improve their chess skills in an efficient and effective way.

Chess Academy users learn chess and organize their training lessons through active participation and discovery with carefully selected and fully annotated Tutorial & Training Examples, authored by top-class players and experienced coaches. The most instructive games of top-class chess players are used to teach the basics of chess strategy and tactics. Skill perfection for advanced players: combinatorial ability, calculation of variations, positional assessment, advantage-gaining, and realization are all instilled and improved.

The program combines the power of computers with effective learning and training methods, originally developed by Witali Braslawski and designed and thoroughly tested by him together with the Intelinvest development team.

The computer modules were created in cooperation with the development team from Intelinvest and with the kind support of the world’s leading publisher Chess Informant and famous international grandmasters Vassily Ivanchuk, Iosif Dorfman, Oleg Romanishin, Adrian Mikhalchishin, Arshak Petrosian and other GMs and IMs.

Enjoy the Chess Academy program and enjoy chess with the help of computer-based learning and training tools based on our brand-new Chess Academy solutions and powerful technologies!

Select Open Tutor… from the File menu, or click the toolbar button image39.

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively: use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T.

open tutor

Moreover: the program retains the full path of the active Tutorial library, tutorial topic, and subtopic. On concluding work, this address is recorded in the program’s .INI-file. The next period of work always begins with this library.

Numerous selected examples of chess strategy and tactics are systematized in the form of tutorial libraries (files with “.PBH” extension), which are a supplement to the Chess Academy 7.0 OfficeDeluxe Program. Immediately after installing Chess Academy Tutorial Modules, they will be registered and all examples from these Modules will be available for work and solution. For this reason and for the sake of brevity only registered modules will be discussed further on.

Any additional Tutorial and Training Modules (not included in distribution packages of Chess Academy 7) with examples on different topics and subtopics are presented as files with .PBA extension. The program allows you to install such Modules by clicking on the Add… button (for further details see an appropriate description below).


To load a tutorial library:

1. When running the Chess Academy Professional Database program, from the File menu, choose Open Tutor… or click the toolbar button image39.

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively: use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T.

open tutor from database program

2. When already running the Chess Academy Tutorial program, from the File menu, choose Load Library… or click the toolbar button image74.

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively: use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L.

load library

3. A list of registered tutorial libraries appears in the “Select Tutorial Library” window.

select tutorial library dialog window

Example: list of all 23 Tutorial & Training Libraries (Modules) from Chess Academy 7 Office Deluxe Exclusive Package

4. Select the necessary tutorial library from the list and click the Open button to load the desired Library.

Note: The desired library may be selected from the general list of libraries. This list may contain also original libraries composed by the user (see: Entering a New Tutorial Example) or libraries converted from the previous Chess Academy versions (see: Converting Tutorial Libraries from previous versions of Chess Academy).

Note: Only one tutorial module at a time can be selected for each session in the Tutorial program. Selection of tutorial examples by a certain topic or subtopic means that those examples will be presented to you as a separate games list, but other examples from that Module will not be available during this session. You can then select tutorial examples from the current games list and create a new list that shows only currently selected examples (see: Selecting Examples according to Topic, Subtopic).

A two-level classification is provided in the Chess Academy libraries. The examples are classified according to definite topics which, in turn, are subdivided into subtopics.

In accordance with this, the selection of material on subject matter takes place in two steps:

  • Choice of topic;
  • Choice of subtopic.

The “Select Tutorial Library” window has been completely re-designed compared with previous versions of the Chess Academy program and is presented now in a quite understandable tree structure. You can manage with it in the same manner as with Windows Explorer tree of folders for example. It has a three-level tree structure now.

The first branch level contains the title (name) of a Library.

select tutorial library first branch level topics

It can be expanded by clicking on + symbol. Alternatively: double-click the desired line (title of the Library).

If the first branch level is expanded, the program displays a currently available list of topics (if any) for the selected Library.

To collapse the second branch level (list of topics), simply click on the symbol placed near from title of the Library. Alternatively, the choice of the Library Name cancels topic selection and switches to the general list of examples of the Library. If the topic is undefined or there is no list of topics for the current library, then the list is composed considering all available examples in the Library.

The second branch level contains all library-related topics (if any). After the selection of a topic, you may choose a subtopic (contains a list of subtopics, if one is available for the current topic).

select tutorial library second branch level subtopics

It can be expanded by clicking on the + symbol. Alternatively: double-click the desired line (title of topic).
If the second branch level is expanded, the program displays the currently available list of subtopics (if any) for the selected topic.

To collapse the third branch level (list of subtopics), simply click on the – symbol placed near from topic.

The third (non-expandable) branch level contains all library-related subtopics (if any) to the desired topic. Every subtopic contains a subset of tutorial examples according to definite criteria. If the subtopic is undefined, then the list of examples is composed considering only the selected topic.

Please select the following screen buttons if you want to add previously installed but still not registered libraries, delete a registered library, or load a selected library:


Use this option to register libraries installed with another complete set of Chess Academy software version 6.xx (files with extension .PBG) or with Chess Academy software (versions 4 and 5).

After clicking the button Add…, the “Register Chess Academy Tutorial Libraries” window will be enabled where you can set up the folder’s path of the tutorial libraries that you want to register.

register libraries

Example: Registration of Chess Academy Tutorial Libraries (.PBG files) from version 6.0


All Modules located in the selected folder will be registered by means of the Add… command. In other words, just the selected folder will be registered. Hence any library installed on your PC and moved to the registered folder needs no more registration.

You can change the name of the directory with previously installed tutorial Modules or move these Modules to another directory on your hard disk in any way. After moving these files all registration data will not be valid and you have to register these Modules again.



After clicking the button Delete, the “Chess Academy warning” window appears which contains the following warning: “Do you want to delete the selected tutorial library?”

delete tutorial library

Click the Yes button to delete the selected tutorial library or click the No button to cancel.

Note: The selected tutorial module will be physically removed from your hard disk. You can then reinstall it. You can also have a backup copy of the installed Module.



Click the Open button to open a window with a list of examples that the currently selected tutorial library/topic/subtopic contains. The very first example from the list appears in the Example Board window. However, if you were learning this list earlier the latest learned example appears on screen. The title bar of the window presents the library’s name.

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively: press the Enter key.



Click the Close button to exit from the “Select library” window without opening of the selected library and to return to the previous window.

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively: use the Esc key.



Click the Info button to call up the window with some additional information about the selected Tutorial library.

chessacademy keyboard Alternatively: use the F1 key

info isolated pawn library