Chess Academy contains a huge and well-maintained database of chess games without duplicates. The program creates datasets (amounts of games) from the database according to any criteria and allows them to be merged, overlapped, subtracted, or saved as databases.

Since 1979, the Chess Academy team, headed by Witali Braslawski, has been collects chess games played at tournaments around the world (including on the Internet).

Chess Academy “Pro” database with total number of games about 2.100.000 is available now. All these games were checked and the database is probably free from doubles. A special attention was paid to the problem of killing “doubtful” doubles, i.e. such games which come from different sources and accidentally differ in one or two moves. Chess Academy Database guarantees minimum of such games.

The installation program prepares all software (Chess Academy main program, Pro database, supplied chess engine books and tutorial libraries) for use on your personal computer.

Chess Academy 7.0 Pro Database will be copied onto hard disk as a separate folder which you have to define during the process of installation. The program gives you also some clues about how much free disk space you need to install selected database (CD-ROM/DVD or full installation may be defined) onto a hard disk.

Note: You can install your Chess Academy Database from your original Chess Academy CD-ROM or DVD as many times as you like. This is very important and convenient if you have accidentally delete or incorrectly modify your Database (in such case the program displays the message “Database is corrupted” when displaying the list of installed Databases on Open Database command from the File menu).