The included tutorial and training module “Exchange Sacrifice” is dedicated to one of the most important strategic problems in a chess game. It explains how to continue with an exchange sacrifice in various positions.

This module contains 189 selected and extensively annotated examples.

The author of the material, GM Iosif Dorfman, explains the background of exchange sacrifices in the opening, middlegame and endgame in simple and clear language.

Every great chess player understands the ideas behind playing quality sacrifices in certain positions. These ideas can be learned.

The author has made a name for himself in the world for two reasons: firstly, as a highly successful second to Gare Kasparov during his candidate match with Karpov, and secondly, through his phenomenal achievements in building a generation of top players in France (for example, the new chess star GM Etienne Bacrot, who was the youngest grandmaster for a while at the age of 14!) He also won the French Men’s Championship ’98. He is certainly one of the best middlegame theorists in the world. The author selected the material from various high-class games, including his own.

Conclusion: An inimitable course to improve one’s own playing strength for players of all levels. Some examples even cause difficulties for master players. However, players of all levels will benefit from working with this module. If you too would like to learn the secrets of positional play – be sure to use this module.

Chess Academy provides a complete interactive system for enjoying, playing and studying chess! Chess Academy enables any chess player to rapidly improve his chess skills in an efficient and effective manner. Chess Academy users learn chess and organize their training lessons through active participation and discovery with carefully selected and fully annotated Tutorial & Training Examples, authored by top-class players and experienced coaches.

  • Tutorial and training examples with text annotations in German and English are classified by topic / subtopic and each annotated variation includes appropriate position evaluations and/or text annotations explaining typical plans and maneuvers.
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This standard work also covers the following topics:

  • Attacking the king
  • Destruction of the pawn formation around the king
  • Conquest of squares
  • Destruction of the pawn center
  • Quaranteed domination
  • Strategy of the white squares
  • Strategy of the black squares
  • The blockade
  • Pawn breakthrough
  • Free pawns
  • Domination
  • Forced and prophylactic sacrifices
  • The initiative
  • Exchange sacrifices and open lines