“The combination is the heart of chess”

Alexander Alekhine, world chess champion

The “Encyclopaedia of Chess Combinations” learning and training modules included in the scope of delivery are dedicated to one of the most important problems in a chess game. Basic types of combinations make up the greater part of this computer encyclopaedia. The combination (a forced variation initiated by a sacrifice and leading to a win) occurs in all phases of a chess game. However, it is most common in the middlegame.

The encyclopaedia consists of 3,460 (!) examples. Some that are well known, some that are now forgotten and some that have been rewritten by practice.

Although this collection can only show a small selection of the combinations ever played, these have been carefully selected from the tournaments played in recent years. By analyzing many classical and modern games, the authors explain how sacrifices can be made in various middlegame positions and how the material or positional advantage is subsequently converted.

The reference work for every chess player – for beginners, teachers, tournament players and stronger players. A real gift for anyone who wants to delve into the deepest secrets of chess. Although there are few comparable works of this size, this computerized project offers extremely easy access for the user, as the encyclopedia’s original combination key provides a simple and logical way to do this.

All materials are based on the first edition of the book (publisher – Chess Informant) (c) 1982-89 with much additional material from Chess Informator Nos. 1-61 (c) 1966-1996. These tutorial and training modules for the Chess Academy program are produced by Intelinvest Co. Ltd.

Chess Academy provides a complete interactive system for enjoying, playing and studying chess! Chess Academy enables any chess player to rapidly improve his chess skills in an efficient and effective manner. Chess Academy users learn chess and organize their training lessons through active participation and discovery with carefully selected and fully annotated Tutorial & Training Examples, authored by top-class players and experienced coaches.

  • Tutorial and training examples with annotations in German and English are classified by topic / subtopic and each annotated variation includes appropriate position evaluations and/or text annotations explaining typical plans and maneuvers.
chessacademy enzyklopaedie kombinationen

This standard work also covers the following topics:

  • Double attack
  • Development with check
  • Double check
  • Skewers
  • Defense
  • Temptations
  • Interception of attacks
  • Destruction of the defense
  • Space advantage
  • The blockade
  • Clear mating positions
  • Stalemate
  • X-ray attack
  • Overloaded pieces
  • Intermediate moves
  • Pawn breakthrough
  • Free pawns
  • Destruction of the pawn structure
  • The pursuit etc.