These three tutorial and training modules “Encyclopaedia of Chess Studies” are dedicated to one of the most important problems in a chess game – the endgame.

The reference work for every chess player – for beginners, teachers, tournament players and stronger ones – even IMs and GMs will find these studies very interesting!

The encyclopaedia modules consist of 10,190 (!) studies. Those that are known, those that have been forgotten and those that have been rewritten by practitioners. Although there are few comparable projects of this size, this computerised project offers the user extremely easy access to learning all the studies and finding the right solutions in critical situations.

“Endgames can be roughly categorised into two types: “didactic endgames” and “artistic endgames”. The advantage of didactic endgames is that they are of great benefit to every chess player by providing them with some simple rules that enable them to always achieve the maximum result in every elementary endgame position … In artistic endgames, things are completely different. Above all, an artistic endgame must have a single and unambiguous solution … The endgame must enchant, have a completely surprising twist and reflect the inspiration and spirit of the author…. The artistic endgame is the poetry of chess … The artistic endgame has the advantage over the problem that it poses puzzles that could also occur in a practical game.”

Andre Cheron (Three-time French champion and author of “Traite Komplett”, “Les Echecs Artistiques”. Also editor-in-chief of “Le Temps”, “L’Illustration”, “Journal de Geneve”, etc.)

Chess Academy provides a complete interactive system for enjoying, playing and studying chess! Chess Academy enables any chess player to rapidly improve his chess skills in an efficient and effective manner. Chess Academy users learn chess and organize their training lessons through active participation and discovery with carefully selected and fully annotated Tutorial & Training Examples, authored by top-class players and experienced coaches.

  • Tutorial and training examples with annotations in German and English are classified by topic / subtopic and each annotated variation includes appropriate position evaluations and/or text annotations explaining typical plans and maneuvers.
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Conclusion: A real gift for anyone who wants to penetrate the deepest secrets of chess, where they occur in their purest form – in the endgame.